Wedding FAQ’s

Why should I hire a band when a DJ plays the same thing and is much cheaper?
A crowd loves to see musicians play! There are few greater thrills than watching a guitarist’s fingers run up the fret board playing iconic parts you’re so familiar with. The drummer’s raw energy displayed with crackling cymbals and pounding bass. Two vocalists igniting the room engaging your expectant audience. Our seven musicians are performance and recording artists who create sensory experiences you and your guests will reminisce about for a lifetime. Let The Marcus Syndicate pack your dance floor!

What kind of music do you play?
The Marcus syndicate is a full-range dance band offering professional stage skills and time-tested song selections which appeal to a broad range of age groups and interests. Specifically, five decades of top-40: classic soul, funk, rock and pop. And standards, jazz, and swing for special points in your event. Songs we play are instantly recognizable.

What band sizes do you offer?
Our standard seven players (two singers, one digital piano, one synthesizer, guitar, bass, drums) create a full, rich sound with a relatively small footprint at a competitive price. Optional band sizes are: six-piece band, trio, duo or solo musician options which together cover all wedding needs.

Do I need to rent any equipment?
No, the band is self-contained. We bring all instruments, amps, sound system and lighting.

Is your band made up of full-time musicians and do you rehearse for each wedding?
Yes. It’s critical to be solid on all the songs or the sound may vary quite a bit from the original recording making it less recognizable.

Can you bring a DJ and Can you Emcee?
Yes. We have several DJ’s who are accustomed to weddings and formal events. It is not as assured to use a DJ having no experience with a band because communication can be critical. The band and our DJ’s have experience in many kinds of formal events having a multitude of presentations and speeches.

How many hours do you play, how many sets do you play, and what about breaks?
Commonly, dinner is 45-60 minutes and dance time runs up to 2 hours. These times can vary. You can customize the band schedule, including adding extra dance time in 30-minute increments.Two or three sets with short breaks in between depending on the total amount of playing time and schedule details agreed on.

Can you play the ceremony and cocktail hour?
Yes. Our band members can be selected in several smaller ensembles for the ceremony and cocktail hour and can include special instruments such as violin, flute or harp as needed.

Do you have a complete song list to see?
Yes. Click the Our Music tab, scroll down.