About Paul Marcus

San Diego resident Paul Marcus arrived from Boston, Massachusetts in 2017. He brought his piano (and his Maine accent) with goals of setting a music life in an unfamiliar town. Today he runs his seven-piece band comprised of both formally-educated school types and the musically self-made. His biggest ambition for the band was to replicate the sounds of the original recordings.

For his band, replicating records means matching a very wide variety of natural and synthesized sounds and styles from five decades of music.

Along with these music ideals, he recruited two vocalists for their ability to reproduce the vocal nuances of over thirty singer artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Lizzo, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and Whitney Houston. And their crowd-reading skills and lively stage act thrill a wide range of audiences.

See the entire band performing at several past venues, HERE. Or future gigs, HERE.